The Soshal Network's Etiquette for Soshal Climbers

Certified Soshal ka ba? A social climber is "allergic" to fake, nababahing sa imitation na pabango, nangangati ang skin sa fancy jewelry, nagkakarashe sa hindi leather. A social climber only patronizes original, authentic, and geniune products...except himself or herself. Huwag maging social climber. BE A SOSHAL CLIMBER. Whether you are a "have" or a "have not", achieve na achieve mong maging soshal. All you need is creativity, konting kapal ng mukha, at sandamakmak na sense of humor. We're Vivian, Camille, and Faye, soshal climbers from the blog The Soshal Network. Ang aming alay sa inyo ngayong taon...ang Etiquette for Soshal Climbers-the one-stop manual that can take you places: from brunch with a soshal tita, to the hippest hangout in town, or to the most fashionable ball of the year. Tara, let's climb the soshal ladder!

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