No Filter

No other generation’s history, culture, and experiences have been documented (and scrutinized) as much as the millennial’s. Born in the analog era but raised digital, millennials toe a tricky line: they’ve been called lazy, privileged, and self-absorbed; but also smart, creative, and civic-minded. Is there anything more to say about them? Inspired by the monologue show of the same name, No Filter attempts to condense the millennial experience on matters of love, career, technology, and themselves. The book includes all monologues performed during both No Filter runs, plus additional pieces written just for the book. Through voices coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the writers of No Filter explore concepts like the dangers of misinformation in the time of the internet, and a generation’s collective obsession with travel. What perhaps brings them together in this anthology is an answer to this question: what do they really talk about when they talk about themselves?

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