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Digital Subscription

  • About Apple Newsstand

    • What is a digital magazine?

      A Digital magazine is an electronic replica of your favorite Summit magazines. Its main advantage is you can read it on different platforms (PC, laptop, MACs, iPad and Android devices). While there will be some interactive elements from time to time, these will not be regular features of the digital magazine.

    • What devices can I access Summit Digital Magazines?

      Summit Digital magazines are available through PC, laptop, MACs, iPad and Android devices.

    • What is Apple Newsstand?

      Apple Newsstand is specialized folder found in every iPad and iPhone with iOS version 5 and above (its icon is the one that looks like a tiny bookshelf). This bookshelf stores specialized magazine apps called Newsstand apps.

      You search for and download these Newsstand apps in the App Store just like any other app, but they will show up in the Newsstand bookshelf once downloaded. A majority of Summit’s titles can be found in the App Store, and they are free of charge.

    • If the Newstand App is free, does that mean the magazine is also free?

      Every Newsstand app is free because it is simply a container. Inside this container are single issues, and an option to subscribe. If you decide to buy an issue or a subscription, you will be charged through your iTunes store account.

      If you buy a single issue, the app will ask for your iTunes store password and then will start downloading the issue.

      If you buy a subscription, the app will ask for your iTunes store password and then will start downloading the latest issue. You will then be able to download every new issue that comes into the app for the next 12 months. Your subscription will auto-renew every 12 months unless you decide to end it.

    • How do I know when there are new issues?

      To see if there are new issues, you must have internet access so that the app can update its content. New issues are released every 1st of the month.

    • What is the difference between Zinio and Apple Newsstand?

      Zinio is an app available for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Android smartphones, PC and Mac. It is basically a digital storefront for different magazines that is within a single app. Apple Newsstand on the other hand, is a specialized folder found on every iPad and iPhone that stores specialized magazine apps called Newsstand apps. Inside these apps you will find the single issues of that title and an option to subscribe. In effect, each Newsstand app is like a digital storefront, but with only one title.

    • What are the payment options?

      The only way to pay for issues in Apple Newsstand apps is through the credit card attached to your iTunes store account.

    • There is Newsstand on my iPhone. Can I get my magazines there?

      Currently there are no iPhone versions of our Newsstand apps. We are working on updating our apps to support the iPhone.

    • What does the " Archive " button do?

      Once you download an issue, you may chose to archive it so it does not take up space on your iPad. When you press the archive button, it will dissapear and be replaced with a Download button. This means that the issue has been stored in the cloud, and you may re-download it again if you want to view it.

    • If I change to a new iPad, what happens to my purchases?

      All your purchases are tied to your iTunes store account. Once you download the Newsstand app to your new device, you will be asked to restore your old purchases.

    • Are the Newsstand apps compatible with the Retina display of the 3rd and 4th generation iPads?

      Currently, Retina displays are supported only by YES! Magazine, FHM Philippines and Cosmopolitan Philippines. We are working to have Retina compatibility for all titles soon.

    • Can a magazine be downloaded as a PDF file?

      No, this is not possible with Apple Newsstand apps.

    • I subcribe to the print version. Can I get the digital issues as part of my subscription?

      No, this is not possible with Apple Newsstand apps.

    • Can I share or " gift " a digital issue or subsrciption?

      No, this is not possible with Apple Newsstand apps.

    • How do I subscribe?

      To subscribe to Summit Media digital magazines select the title(s) of your choice and then create your account by filling out the required fields.

      Meanwhile if you are using a promo or coupon code, visit the FREE Digital magazine page, fill out the required fields and follow the prompts through the order process or as shown below.

      Coupon Tool Process Flow:

      1. Subscriber to enter the Coupon Code, magazine title of their choice, fill in all the information required in the fields of the promo page and click submit button.
      2. Subscriber will receive an email confirmation with the delivery link of the Digital Magazine.
      3. Subscriber will directed to Zinio page and will sign in this Zinio account (if he doesn't have, he will be required to create an account)
      4. Subscriber can now read his copy of Digital Magazine on different platforms (PC, laptop, MACs, iPad)

    • What are the modes of payment?

      You can pay through American Express, Visa, JCB, Mastercard or PayPal.

  • About Zinio Newsstand

    • How do I install the Zinio app?

      Once you have created your account, download the Zinio reader through

    • How do I view my publication?

      You can access your magazines either online, using your web browser or offline, through the use of the Zinio Reader software (Zinio App). To view your magazine online, just log in to your account and click on My Library in the blue Welcome box in the upper right area of the homepage. Then, click on the cover of the magazine (or the thumbnail image of the magazine) and it will open in a new browser window.

      Meanwhile, the Offline Reader allows you to download your magazines in to your computer. Once the Zinio Reader is installed, the Zinio Delivery Manager will automatically download your publications to your computer and place them in your Library.

      To view the publication(s) you´ve downloaded, click the Library button on the top toolbar. Your publications can also be found in My Zinio Library folder under My Documents folder. After the initial download, your magazines can be viewed offline.

    • How do I know if the current issue is already available?

      If you have ordered a magazine subscription you will receive an email notification as soon as a new issue becomes available. When you are online, Zinio Delivery Manager will periodically check the Zinio server and display a pop-up window on your desktop if it finds an available publication. You can then choose whether to download the publication right away or wait until later.

      To check for pending publication downloads, connect to the Internet, then click the Options button on the top toolbar in Zinio Reader and select Check for Publications from the menu that appears.

    • How many times can I view my publications?

      There is no expiration and no limit as to the number of times you can view your magazines.

    • My question or problem isn't addressed here. How can I get more help?

      Contact customer support here

  • About Summit Newsstand

    The newsstand that never runs out of copies!

    Summit Media paves the way for a more exciting way to buy and read your favorite magazines. In Summit Newsstand, readers can easily find all Summit Media titles and avail of single or 12-month subscriptions to print and digital editions. The virtual newsstand showcases magazines published by Summit Media, like Preview, YES!, K-Zone, Good Housekeeping, and Yummy, as well as books and special magazines that are available on Zinio, iNewsstand, and Amazon Kindle Store.

Print Subscription

  • General

  • Delivery

    • Where exactly do you deliver?

      See the complete list of cities and countries where we deliver.

    • How much is the delivery charge?

      Deliveries to Metro Manila, Camanava, Antipolo City, and Rizal in towns of Angono, Cainta, San Mateo, and Taytay are free of charge. However, for areas outside those mentioned above, delivery charges shall apply. The subscription rates are inclusive of delivery charges.

    • How long do I wait before my first copy arrives?

      For local subscriptions: For paid subscription orders received on the 1st to 7th of the month, magazine deliveries will start the next month. Otherwise, deliveries will start 2 months after.

      For international subscriptions: For next month's issue, order and payment must be received on or before the 5th of the current month.

    • When should I expect my issue every month?

      The release dates of magazines vary. Some magazines are released as early as one week before the issue month, while others are released on the second week of the issue month.

    • At what point should I call or email you to follow up?

      You may check on the delivery status of your subscription anytime.

    • Why didn't I get my February issue?

      Some Summit titles have a combined issue for January and February. This issue will be delivered on the month of January. These titles are Preview, Candy, Town & Country, Top Gear, Smart Parenting, Good Housekeeping, Real Living, Disney's Princess, Entrepreneur, Yummy, and Women's Health.

      Don't worry though. You will still receive the total number of issues of your subscribed magazine.

    • How do I change my delivery address?

      Subscriber may notify us via email at subscriptions[at] Please take note that request should be done on or before the 7th of the month for any changes to take effect on the next issue month. Subscriber will be required to pay the corresponding delivery charge if the delivery address is a transfer from an area where our delivery service is free to an area outside of it. We will not refund delivery charge already collected from the old address even if the new address is located within the areas where our delivery service is free.

    • What if the magazine is lost in transit?

      In the rare event that the goods are lost in transit, please contact us to discuss the matter. You may either request that we refund your payment or that we re-ship your order. In all other cases, refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company.

  • Payment

    • Do I have to pay the full subscription rate at one time?

      Subscription must be paid in full including delivery and gift subscription charges, if applicable, before we process your order.

    • What are the modes of payment?

      The easiest way to pay for your subscription is through our online, secure payment facility.

      You may also refer for other payment options available at your disposal.

      • For local subscriptions:
        • cash
        • check
        • bank deposit
        • or credit card

      Should you opt to pay directly here in our office, you may visit us at:
      7th floor Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3,
      Robinsons Pioneer Complex, Pioneer St.
      Mandaluyong City 1550

      For international subscriptions: We accept Visa or Mastercard.

    • Do you offer special discounts for bulk subscriptions?

      For bulk subscriptions and corporate tie-ups, we offer special discounts depending on the volume of subscription orders. For inquiries, you may contact Ms. Carla Soriano at (01) 398-8161 or send an email at carla.soriano[at]

  • Others

    • How can I order back issues of your magazines?

      You may inquire at any of our accredited distributors below:

      1. Visual Mix at Tel. No. (02) 815-2076
      2. Booksale at Tel. No. (02) 824-0947


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    More Than Just a Bet
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    The Soshal Network's Etiquette for Soshal Climbers
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