Coming of Age

What happens when celebrities, authors, comic book artists, poets, YouTubers, and rock stars are asked to write stories, poems, songs, and comics about turning 18? A collection that’s laugh-out-loud-funny, heart-wrenching, romantic, dark, and cool at the same time, that’s what. With 18 different creative works, 18 powerful voices, and 18 definitions of growing up, Coming of Age is a one-of-a-kind anthology that will make you laugh, cry, feel, and fall in love. 18 works by Marla Miniano and Anton Umali • Jasmine Curtis-Smith Chinggay Labrador • Jillian Q. Gatcheco and Chris Cantada Chris Mariano • Ines Bautista-Yao • Basti Artadi • Benjamin Alves Jamie Bautista, Manix Abrera, and Juno Abreu • Lia Cruz Angel Constantino Aquino • Yvette Fernandez • Peejo Pilar Kharla Brillo • Lauren Young • Quark Henares Mae Coyiuto • Agay Llanera

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